Created by F84 Games, "Baja Big Air is an adrenaline fueled off road racing game. The official game of SCORE International’s Baja Desert Race Series. Get behind the wheel of a Trophy Truck as you take on one of the toughest races in off road motorsports, the Baja 1000. Race across the harsh desert of Baja California, Mexico as you fend off legendary racers including Tavo Vildosola, Casey Currie, Alan Ampudia and more. Do you have what it takes to be the best?"
This video from F84's Instagram demonstrates Dreamteck Splines.
Level design process video by Matt Vroman, Game Designer @ F84 Games.
My Contributions
I assisted in the development of Baja Big Air as a level designer using a Unity extension called Dreamteck Splines.  While working through some of the 100+ levels, I learned the nuances of effective difficulty progression. Designing levels involved repeated tweaking and refinement.  Early levels were crafted to provide a smooth experience that enforces the game's mechanics.  Later levels needed to be more difficult to ensure the player's mastery of the mechanics, requiring more detailed placement of obstacles and hills. The result is a level with dynamics that offers various ways to play and succeed.