A twin-stick multiplayer shooter in which players fight each other to get points!
But, there is a catch: you can only move to the beat of the music!

My Role: Lead Designer / Programmer / Artist
Development Time: Ongoing Since April 2018
Dev Team: 2 people, including Leo Melendez
Platform: PC, compatible with console controllers

2 to 4 Players
Made with Unity

This game was made as a final project for a Team Game Lab class, but we decided to take it much father. After just 2 weeks since the idea was conceived, we had a playable demo that was showcased at RPI's GameFest 2018, and thenĀ  showcased again in 2019. Beat 'Em represented Quinnipiac University at BostonFIG Fest 2018.

This game is still a work in progress.

Leo Melendez: www.jokesterdev.net