Settle your disputes at high noon! Compete to complete a complex button-pressing task.
The faster, more-skillful Masher wins!
Development Info:
This was a solo project
Development Time: 4 weeks
Platform: PC, uses PlayStation Move controllers
Made for 2 Players
Made with Unity

More Info:
          This game was the first project assigned for my Game Design class, and was expanded upon as the final project for the class. This project needed to represent physicality and create more meaningful interactions between the player and their input devices, while limiting the use of a screen.
          During the first stage of development, the game was simply about competing to press an order of inputs based on the color of the PlayStation Move controller's orb.  The amount of required inputs and the order of colors is random every game, but both players need to complete the same sequence. The orb indicates to the player which button they need to press.
Blue Orb = Press Blue Cros
Purple Orb = Press Purple Square
Green Orb = Press Green Triangle
Red Orb = Press Red Circle
          The first player to complete the sequence will have a yellow orb, and they must pull the PS Move's trigger to finish their opponent. This game mode was very simple and worked well, but I ultimately wanted the competition to be more like a tug-of-war.
          When I revisited the game to work on it as my final project, I aimed to modify the game to create more tension and give more player feedback.  The interactions of this new game mode are the same: press a button according to the orb's color, but the dynamics of how to win are much different.
          Players now have a health bar and an ammo count. Players accumulate a damage value as they press the correct buttons, and can release that damage value onto their opponent whenever they want by pulling the trigger. The opponent's health bar will decreased based on the amount of damage inflicted and they will then be "stunned" and must wait to continue pressing buttons.  The duration of the stun is determined by the damage dealt. BUT, if a player is racking up their damage value and they accidentally press an incorrect button, they will stun themselves for that duration. To increase the strategy needed to win the game, players are limited to pulling the trigger six times.  They need to rack up their value to deal enough damage with each "bullet" to finish their opponent without running out of shots.  This made the game more interactive between the players and gave much more feedback.